How Detox Tea or Weight Loss Shakes Help in the Weight Loss Struggle

We all struggle to lose weight and most of the time we want to lose weight without using chemicals. You would prefer a safe diet and a completely natural way to reduce bloat, burn fat and cleanse your body from the inside out. If these are your intentions, then you have come to the right place. We have just what you need to make weight loss easier on you.

What is Detox Tea?

What is detox tea? It is tea. That much you can gather. The tea leaves are blended with herbs of different types that will nourish your liver which is responsible for removing toxins from your body. Continue reading to see the essential factors of detox tea.

What is Weight Loss Shakes?

Weight loss shakes. What are they? These are low-calorie meal supplements that reduce appetite and cravings so that you consume as little calories as possible while also benefitting from the nutrients they provide. In this way, you shed off the excess the weight. GNC lean shakes are clinically proven for weight loss and are more effective when you combine your diet with routine exercise.

Detox tea and GNC lean shake – Which is healthier?

Female doctor showing Detox tea, GNC lean shake - Which is healthier

Both detox tea and GNC lean shakes are healthy. They also have advantages and disadvantages coupled with side effects that you will come to see. The choice of the healthier of them is for you to decide after reading the essential factors of detox tea and lean shake.

Detox tea and GNC lean shake – How do they work for weight loss?

Detox tea has nutrients and antioxidants that remove the free radicals in your system, removing these toxins from your vital organs. The herbs in the tea improve your digestive system and effectively reduce the amount of cholesterol in your body to help your body lose weight. These are essential factors of detox tea.

On the other hand, GNC lean shakes deal with your diet. The supplements in the shake provide the nutrients you require. They ensure that your body receives as little calories as possible while still maintaining healthy nutrition. Routine exercise burns excess calories already in your body.

Detox tea and GNC lean shake – What are the main ingredients?

Most of the detox tea contains high quality, all-natural loose tea leaves blended with a variety of herbs. The blend is free of gluten, dairy, and sugar but is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that help your body eliminate radicals.

However, GNC lean shake supplements contain mostly vitamins and minerals. The meal has carbs, three kinds of gum, starch, and syrup that is contained in a bit of corn and soy lecithin for mixability. Artificial sweeteners and flavors are also added to the supplement. A wide variety of micronutrients are also present in the shake.

Detox tea and GNC lean shake – Flavors and taste

As said before, detox tea is made of a blend of tea leaves and a variety of herbs that are all naturally grown. So, you should not expect the taste to be far from the ordinary tea. You should expect it to be stronger though.

GNC lean supplements contain artificial sweeteners and flavors like acesulfame and sucralose. This makes them have different tastes, and you can select which you like.

Detox tea and GNC lean shake – Nutritional values

Detox tea ingredients are all-natural. They are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients to improve the digestive system thereby ensuring proper nutrient absorption.

GNC lean shakes contain vitamins, minerals, and a wide variety of micronutrients. Maltodextrin contributes most of the carbs while corn provides the solid starch and syrup. Some of the vitamins they contain are Vitamin A, C, and E while the minerals include copper, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and chromium. However, the supplement is low on Vitamins D and K, manganese, and potassium.

Detox tea and GNC lean shake – Possible side effects

Detox tea is best for adult use. The tea has a laxative effect, and it is recommended that you drink a lot of water as dehydration can cause you to lose energy, have headaches and become dizzy. You should consult your doctor before using detox tea if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medication.

Heavy reliance on GNC lean supplements can make you suffer malnutrition. They contain nutrients and minerals but not all that you need. To avoid malnutrition, you can take the supplement with regular low-calorie meals.

Detox tea and GNC lean shake – Price

Detox tea goes for about $49.99 for a 30-day pack. If you find a cheaper buy, make sure it is a legitimate trade and not a counterfeit product.

GNC lean shakes are normally sold in tubs. A 1.7-pound tub containing 16 servings goes for $35. The price is somewhat reasonable though it could have been cheaper.

Detox tea and GNC lean shake – Advantages and disadvantages

Some of the advantages of using detox tea are:

  • Boosted metabolism
  • Suppressed appetite and cravings
  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduced bloating
  • Improved digestion
  • Toxin removal

The downside of detox tea is the side effects like dehydration that causes headaches, energy loss, and dizziness. Nursing mothers looking to burn baby fat can also not use it.

Advantages of the GNC lean shake is the nutrients it contains. It has a lot of minerals and nutrients that are essential for your body. It also has a wide variety of micronutrients and is clinically approved as a weight loss supplement.

One disadvantage of lean shake is the little to no vitamins D and K and also minerals like manganese, and potassium. Some people don’t like certain ingredients in the supplements.

Final Thought

Detox tea reviews have shown that most people who have tried it are happy about its effects. There have been reports of reduced bloat and increased skin complexion. The detox tea reviews also showed that there was an increase in energy levels in some people and overall pleasure in using the product.

Lean shake reviews also reported general pleasure in the use of the product. Those who exercised while taking the supplement were more pleased about the results. However, the lean shake reviews also highlighted some displeasure. Some people were not happy about the flavor and ingredients of the shake. This is, however, solvable by going for what suits the right flavor and ingredients.

From the detox tea reviews and the lean shake reviews, you can see some good reports. You can now go for what best suits your needs and still expect a good outcome whatever the decision you come to.



310 Detox tea: An in Depth Look into the Essential Factors That One Should Know

The popularity of 310 tea has skyrocketed over the years. In fact, it has become common to see detox tea of this kind all over social media. For this reason, 310 nutrition reviews have been deemed necessary as they provide the necessary information that people need to know about this tea. 

For instance, detox tea reviews that focus on this product help people to understand what the 310 weight loss tea is about. The 310 teas can be described as detox tea which are aimed to assist people to get rid of stubborn fat thus achieving weight loss. 

The epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the key ingredient that helps to achieve weight loss. This ingredient has antioxidant properties which provide protection to body cells thus reducing the possibility of their damage by the reactive oxygen species. In so doing, this ingredient also increases the metabolic rate thus promoting a faster fat burning process in the body. As indicated by some of the best detox tea reviews, 310 teas actually promise good weight reduction results. 

Some of the other important factors include; 

Ingredients and their side effects 

By going through 310 nutrition reviews, one can identify the ingredients found in 310 teas include; organic green tea, ginger, rooibos and the oolong tea. However, it is important to note that there have been a lot of concerns regarding the side effects of green tea. Some of the side effects are attributed to the caffeine in green tea. They include effects such as headaches, insomnia, nausea, or diarrhea. These side effects are also associated with the oolong tea as it also has caffeine. As such, people who are using caffeinated detox tea should regulate their intake of caffeine. 

On the other hand, there are some effects which are not related to the caffeine in detox tea such as organic green tea. For instance, it has been stated that green tea might result in an increase in eye pressure and an inability to absorb iron. Due to the possibility of experiencing side effects, it is advised that people should make a point of consulting their doctor before using detox tea. 

Weight loss benefits of detox tea 

The best detox tea reviews make a point of explaining how the present ingredients help to achieve weight loss. The notable ingredients in 310 tea that facilitate weight loss include; 

Oolong tea 

Together with Damiana, these two ingredients provide the body with antioxidants which help to increase metabolic processes in the body. As explained in many detox tea reviews, these ingredients are also crucial as they assist the body to burn more fat within short periods of time. 


This is yet another ingredient in the 310 tea that promotes weight loss. The alkaloids guarana are essential for regulating appetite. 

Green tea 

Many of the detox tea reviews agree on the beneficial characteristic of green tea when it comes to weight loss. This can be explained by looking at the science behind the effect that green tea causes in the body. To begin with, it facilitates the thermogenesis process in which the body burns fat and calories so as to give off heat. To add on that, the EGCG found in green tea has proved to be helpful in regulating appetite and metabolic functions. 

Benefits of 310 tea 

By looking at the ingredients, it will become apparent that 310 Detox Tea aids weight loss. By being able to increase metabolic processes in the body, one will be able to burn more fat. In addition, the appetite suppressant properties are good as they help people to regulate the amount of food that they eat. Most of the 310 nutrition reviews which have been provided by people who have used the 310 teas explain that it helped them to increase their water intake. Lastly, it makes people feel more energetic. 

Comparison to Fit Tea 

There are a lot of detox tea reviews that have drawn the comparisons of Fit tea to 310 teas given that Fit Tea has been around for a longer time. The first similarity between these two is that they are both laxative-free. Also, both of them have been deemed easy to use because they are produced in individual tea bags. They also use similar mechanisms to achieve weight loss. 

However, the $0.61 difference in price makes 310 teas cheaper as it costs $1.00 per serving. The other notable difference is that Fit tea has a more profound lemon taste compared to 310 teas. 

How is 310 tea taken? 

There are various ways of using this detox tea. The first and obvious one would be taking it like the regular tea. However, if people can also add ice cubes and turn this detox tea into a fun iced tea. The 310 Nutrition Company has also provided various recipes for this tea. 

In conclusion, the best detox tea reviews that feature the 310 teas can be very informative. They are essential as they help people to make an informed decision as to whether they should or should not try it out. However, from going through 310 nutrition reviews, one can understand how the ingredients found in this tea promotes weight loss. 

A Comprehensive Comparison Review of Total Lean and Shakeology Shakes

Supplements provide dieters with an effective way of losing weight. GNC Lean shake, for instance, is a meal replacement shake that promotes weight loss by suppressing hunger. It’s a supplement that provides dieters with a better chance of losing weight and develop lean muscle mass. Shakeology, on the other hand, is a shake that sparks weight loss by inhibiting hunger pangs and increasing metabolism. GNC Lean shake and shakeology are among the best meal replacement shake in the market. Consumers looking for diet supplements always find it impossible to choose between these two products. But how do they fair in comparison to each other?

Total Lean Shake vs Shakeology

Total Lean Shake vs Shakeology

These shakes are designed and manufactured by different companies. As much as they help to enhance the weight loss process, they have different components. However, both GNC lean shake and shakeology are effective in their own ways and below is the comparison of their ingredients.

Shakeology Ingredients

Shakeology contains a rich blend of ingredients which promote weight loss by inhibiting hunger pangs. The organic ingredients help to promote the feeling of fullness that can last for hours. This supplement contains protein that’s derived from pea and whey while the I-glutamine and psyllium seed husk are used as sources of high-quality fiber. Additionally, shakeology has a rich blend of superfoods which are rich in antioxidants that help to fight free radicals. The superfoods help to enhance different functions of the body while reducing the risk of certain diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure certain types of cancer and other diseases.

GNC Lean Shake Ingredients

GNC Lean shake contains organic ingredients which help to reduce food cravings. The plant-based ingredients also help to spark metabolism by increasing the rate of cell activity. This diet plan contains whey protein isolate, milk protein concentrate and whey protein concentrate which help to suppress hunger and enhance the development of muscles. The dietary fiber this shake helps to reduce the dieter’s food cravings while minerals and vitamins such vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Calcium, and Potassium help to improve the overall growth of the user.

Total Lean Shake vs Shakeology- Nutritional Values

Total Lean Shake vs Shakeology- Nutritional Values

Shakeology is a supplement that can also be used as a snack. A single serving of this diet supplement contains 160 calories in addition to 17g of protein, 2g of fat and 6g of dietary fiber. Lean shake, on the other hand, contains 200 calories, 8g of dietary fiber and 25g of protein. Comparing the total lean shake vs shakeology nutritional value, GNC lean shake is a better meal replacement due to its high fiber and protein content. It effectively curbs hunger for long hours and sparks metabolism.


GNC Lean shake and shakeology have positive consumer reviews. Different users have different requirements when it comes to diet plans. For those who want to develop lean muscles, lean shake is a better supplement as it contains more protein. Shakeology, on the other hand, is better at sparking metabolism because it contains fewer calories. In addition to that, it’s a great shake for people who want low-calorie snacks for weight management.

Total Lean Shake vs Shakeology – Flavor Choices

Total Lean Shake vs Shakeology - Flavor Choices

These two shakes come in multiple types of flavors in order to meet the different needs of consumers. For instance, lean shake has over ten different flavors and they include vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, among others. However, lean shake has no vegan version. Shakeology comes in five basic flavors which include strawberry, vanilla, green berry, and café latte. The best thing about shakeology is that it has a vegan version.

The Pros and Cons of Shakeology

The Pros and Cons of Shakeology

Shakeology is a great meal replacement that provides users with benefits such as:

  • Enhancing the immune system and supporting a healthy body weight.
  • It contains antioxidants as well as super proteins, fruits and greens which help to promote the overall wellbeing of the user.
  • The shake helps to increase energy levels in the body.


  • This is simply a supplement hence it shouldn’t be used as real food.
  • It’s very expensive.
  • It contains low protein and fiber content compared to the best meal replacement shakes
  • Shakeology can’t curb hunger for extended periods of time.

The Pros and Cons of GNC Lean Shake

The Pros and Cons of GNC Lean Shake


  • Enhances the development of a well-toned body
  • It provides long hours of satiety.
  • It enhances the growth of lean muscles.


  • It contains artificial ingredients such as sweeteners.
  • It has too many calories which makes it an ineffective weight loss supplement.

Final Thoughts

The total lean shake vs shakeology comparison above shows that these two shakes are effective in their own ways. Both of them help to curb hunger and they come in more than one type of flavor. However, it’s not easy to choose the best shake between these two products and it’s therefore up to the consumer to select a diet shake that will suit their weight management needs.



Updated and Comprehensive Review of the Best Weight Loss Shakes in The Market

Weight management shakes are supplements which help to promote weight loss and sometimes weight gain. They contain ingredients which help to promote the feeling of satiety, enhance the growth of lean muscles, promote metabolism and improve the overall functions of the body.

What to Look for in a Weight Loss Shakes

A young girl with weight loss shake

Weight loss shakes are commercially manufactured by different brands. As a result, they also contain different levels of nutrition which help to promote weight loss. So if you are looking for a weight loss shake, what are some of the factors that you should consider?


The most effective weight loss shakes should be filled with organic protein. Plant-based proteins are safe and of high-quality. In addition to that, a high amount of protein helps to promote the feeling of satiety. Moreover, protein is known to support and enhance the growth of lean muscles.


The best weight management shakes must contain high fiber content. Fiber helps to promote the feeling of fullness by reducing hunger pangs and food cravings. A fiber-rich content is effective for weight loss as it helps to create a calorie deficit in the body. The resulting effect of this is that the body will end up converting fat to fuel.

Minerals and Vitamins

These are important ingredients which help to promote weight loss. A good meal replacement shake should have a wide range of plant-based minerals and vitamins which help to nourish the body. Additionally, these ingredients are usually rich in anti-inflammatories and antioxidants which help to improve the level of immunity. They also help to reduce the risk of certain diseases while improving the functions of different organs.


Weight management shakes should have low-sugar content. In some instances, some of the best meal replacement supplements usually don’t have sugar while others normally have plant-based sugars. Note that sugar is an ingredient which can limit or inhibit weight loss hence the best shakes should always have low-sugar content.

The Best Weight Loss Shakes

A young girl with best weight loss shake

The weight loss industry is filled with numerous products which help to facilitate the process of weight loss. One thing that millions of people are currently facing and struggling with is how to lose weight effectively. Weight management shakes are some of the products which have been formulated to promote the process of weight loss. Besides that, these products are popular with consumers as they help to promote long-lasting results. Some of the best weight loss shakes are:

  • GNC Lean Shake
  • Vegan One
  • 310 Shakes
  • Herbalife Shake
  • Slimfast Shakes
  • Isagenix
  • Orgain Shake
  • IdealShape shake
  • Shakeology

Best weight loss shakes for Women

A fit girl with weight loss shake

The process of weight loss is usually very difficult for women. This because their bodies have natural fats. Additionally, they also have very few muscles compared to men. The best weight management shakes for women who want to lose weight mainly help to boost the rate of metabolism and enhance the development of lean muscles. They include:

310 Shakes

It’s a low-calorie shake that is effective for weight loss, especially in women. 310 shakes contain only 90 calories per serving. With 5g of fiber and 15g of protein, 310 shakes help to promote long hours of satiety by reducing hunger pangs and food cravings. Besides that, this supplement helps to create a calorie deficit in the body which leads to the conversion of the stored body fat to energy. The high protein content found in 310 shakes also help to promote muscle gain.

Herbalife Shake

This is one of the best plant-based shakes for weight loss. What makes Herbalife shake the best meal replacement shake for women who want to lose weight is that it contains numerous minerals and vitamins which helps to promote weight loss. Besides that, Herbalife is a low-calorie supplement with only 90 calories per serving. With 9g of protein and 3g of fiber, this diet supplement helps to spark the metabolism of fat and the growth of lean muscles. Herbalife also has few carbohydrates including 13g per servings and only 1g of fat.

GNC Lean Shake

GNC Lean Shake is a popular meal replacement due to its fat burning characteristics. It’s mostly used by athletes and one of the best meal replacement shakes for women thanks to its effectiveness. GNC Lean Shake contains 32g of carbohydrates, 2g of fat and 9g of protein. GNC Lean Shake is a great appetite suppressor which helps to reduce unnecessary food cravings and promote long hours of satiety. It aids the growth of lean muscle mass by facilitating a healthy metabolism which leads to the breakdown of fat to fuel.

Best Weight Loss Shakes for Men

A fit man with weight loss shake

Low-calorie shakes that are rich in protein are the best supplements for men. This is because they help to increase the metabolism of fat and promote the growth of lean muscles. Some of the best weight loss shakes for men include:

Shakeology Shake

Shakeology offers users a dense source of nutrition. It’s packed with superfoods as well as proteins which help to promote muscle gain. This supplement is full of antioxidants and phytonutrients which help to nourish the body and to promote muscle growth that leads to a well-toned body. With 130 calories, 16g of protein and 2g of fat, this supplement leads to faster and long-lasting weight loss results.

Orgain Meal Replacement Shake

It’s rated among the best weight management shakes thanks to its high protein content. Orgain meal replacement shakes are non-GMO, gluten-free and soy-free. A single serving of this meal replacement shake contains 21g of protein which is derived chia, brown rice, and pea protein. Besides that, orgain protein shake contains 4g of fat and 150 calories which contain all the essential minerals and vitamins.

Isagenix Shake

This nutrient-rich shake which contains 24g of protein and it is one of the best weight management shakes. Isagenix shake contains 24g of carbs which include 8g of fiber and 11g of sugar. Furthermore, it also contains 5g of fat all which are vital for weight loss. Isagenix shake is a tasty, all-natural shake that is rich with macronutrients which help to promote weight loss.

Vega One Shake

Vega One one of the best weight management shakes for weight loss. Vega One contains plant-based proteins which include hemp protein, pea protein, and sacha inchi protein. These essential amino acids contain fiber, healthy minerals, vitamins, and fats as well as the essential amino acids which help to promote the growth of muscles and leads to overall weight loss. A single serving of Vega One shake contains 20g of protein which provides dieters with all their nutritional needs which can fit any type of lifestyle.

Best Weight Loss Shakes for Diabetics

Weight Loss Shakes with Diabetics Checker

There are various types of commercial meal replacement shakes that are suitable for diabetics. As much as diabetics can work out and cut down their meal potions, exercising can be physically demanding while implementing a healthy diet plan can be very costly. Some of the best weight loss shakes for diabetics include:


Shakeology shake has a great glycemic control. With 17g of carbs, 17g of protein and 6g of fiber, Shakeology offers diabetic the much-needed nutrients while promoting the feeling of fullness. It can effectively suppress hunger for a couple of hours, creating a calorie deficit that results in the metabolism of stored body fat.

Slimfast Shakes

Diabetics who want to lose weight usually prefer weight management shakes that are rich in fiber and protein. In addition to those, the meal replacements shouldn’t have too much cholesterol or saturated fat. Apart from 24 different types of vitamins and minerals, SlimFast shakes contain 20g of protein and 5g of fiber which can keep the user satiated for up to four hours. Furthermore, this shake has only 1g of sugar hence it’s suitable for diabetics who are on a low-sugar diet.

Isagenix Shake

Isagenix shake is one of the best weight management shakes for people with diabetes. This supplement can be tailored for different individuals in order to suit their personal needs. Isagenix helps to reduce high blood sugar levels and also to regulate insulin levels in the blood. The fiber and protein-rich shake which contains 6g of dietary fiber and 24g of protein hence it can provide dieters with long hours of satiety.

IdealShape Shake

This is a great supplement for diabetics as it helps to control food cravings and reduce binge eating. IdealShape Shake is a low-calorie supplement that is filled with plant-based products such as nuts, berries, and veggies. What makes Idealshape shake to be rated among the best weight loss shakes is that it contains Slendesta, an organic hunger inhibitor that provides 3-4 hours of satiety.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous weight management shakes which have been designed for various functions. Although they have different ingredients and level of nutrition, they all work to help users achieve their weight goals. To choose the best weight management shake, all you have to do is to ensure that it contains the necessary ingredients which are safe and efficient.