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Central Heating Advice- How Long Does A Boiler Last?

Central heating advice- how long does a boiler last (1)

If you live in an extreme cold and harsh climate, spending money on central heating system would be the best option. Since we are already spending money on central heating system, we need to know how long it will be with us. This post is dedicated to all those who want to learn a lot about central heating before buying them.

What Is a Central Heating Boiler?

Central heating system is just the same thing like that of a furnace. It will heat your home in a residential application. Central heating is a system that provides full warmth in your home by using one central source. It falls in three categories based on what you prefer:

  • ‘Wet systems’ which involves a boiler/heat exchanger and radiators
  • Warm air system
  • Storage heaters

How Central Heating Systems Work? 

There’s a gas meter which is normally found outside which makes you to read it quite easily. You will see some measurements which will be in cubic feet (a standard method of measuring gas usage). The gas comes into the property through a pipe via a control valve. The gas is then transformed into the regulator. The regulator has a diaphragm system and that reduces the pressure from the external pressure to a pressure required by a domestic system to operate properly.

So from the meter it comes in through the diaphragm into the meter runs through the clock and then to the out pipe from the meter into the property. When you turn on the gas appliance on the indoor, gas flows through this and start off the mixer. The hot water is used in different ways depending on the heating system you use. In case of a combi boiler, the moment you switch the hot water on, it will be pumped to other parts of the house but in case of conventional or system boiler, the hot water will travel to the storage cylinder.

When you want to heat your home, the hot water is pumped to radiators which transform the heat to the surrounding room.

Now the biggest question is, how long does a central heating boilers can last?

There is no exact age for central heating system. Since it comes in a wide range of types and has different types of fuel system, the lifespan actually depends on the maintenance and installation. If the system is installed by a professional who knows his job very well, your system can last upto 15-20 years. Your boiler can have the life expectancy upto 30 years.

Why You Should Be Replacing Your Old Boiler?

Boiler replacement can save you money on your heating bills. If your boiler gets old, you won’t be able to use it properly as you used to. Old boilers will tend to increase the amount of money on repairing. Once the device gets old, repairing won’t help anyway to get the in new condition. The only option you need to work on is to get a new boiler as soon as possible.

Old boilers struggle to meet the demands of modern households especially during winter seasons. As in winter months, people use it without any limit.

Getting a new boiler will save you money and you won’t have to face any further troubles with heating system. The new boiler is able to give you the comfort you need. It’s efficiency savings is up to 90% whereas, old boilers can only give 50% savings.

If you want to run your system smoothly and effectively, you must do a little hard work on keeping it running over the time.

Here’s Some Tips:

  • Switch off your boiler when not in need. It will also save you money.  In terms of an old boilers, you must switch them off if they are no more needed. As old boilers tend to consume more electricity than the new ones. If you want hot water at some location of your house like that of kitchen sink or bathroom sink then you need to do some kind of settings. In case of combi boilers, you can change the setting to only hot water and not heating. Changing such settings would make sure that you still have hot water in your house but only to some areas where you need it. Switch on the central heating but turn off each of your radiators individually. If you want some heat to a particular places like drying your wet clothes, you can leave the radiators on for that place.
  • Central heating system needs to be running in order to be in good functioning. You have 2 options to go for during summers (as in summer you don’t need hot water anymore). One is switching off your boiler completely or switching your hot water to the places where you needed them. Whatever your options are, you should always make a habit of running your central heating system for at least a few minutes. If you set a routine of turning your heater on for some time and use it where you want hot water even during summers, you can actually save your money from replacing your water heater every season. Apart from having an economical decision, you are also preventing the seizing of the pump and diverter valve.

Other than these basic tips, you need to follow this to take the life of your central heating system on a different level.

  • Maintenance is very important and when it comes on boilers, you need to take extra care on this part. There are two ways in which you can take care of your heating system, one is power flushing and other is bleeding your radiators. All these process will clean up your central heating and thus increase its life. 
  • Installing a magnetic filter will help in reducing any kind of sludge or mineral deposit which is common to happen over the time.  
  • No matter which season it is, no matter if you want heater or not, you must prefer using the system even during odd days. Devices might fail if you stopped using it. In order to keep the function in proper way, you need to keep in going! 
  • If you follow some basic preventive maintenance, you can eradicate the common freezing problem that happens in winter months. Such freezing pipe is a common issue for condensate types of pipes.

All the above mentioned tips will make sure that your central heating system will last long with your life. For more beneficial factor, call out heating company in London for timely servicing.

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