Nodular Acne – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Options

Symptoms of Nodular Acne

If you suffer from nodule type acne you know that it is one of the more severe forms of acne which can be quite difficult to treat. While all occurrences of acne bring embarrassment, frustration, and a variety of other emotions to the sufferer, those who have to deal with nodule acne often experience years of physical and emotional pain as they try unsuccessfully to get rid of their acne. With the help of an overview of acne and how the nodules are formed, you will be better equipped to decide which treatment path is going to be the right one for you. The following is a detailed review of the acne.

What is Nodular Acne?

Nodule acne is a severe form of acne in which nodules rather than other relatively minor lesions are present in significant numbers. There’s a difference between Nodular acne and Cystic acne. However, Nodular acne is also a very challenging ailment which requires to be taken thoughtfully.

What Causes of Nodular Acne?

Acne has three main causes. When sebum production goes into overdrive and builds up this makes your skin produce more dead skin cells. These accumulate on the surface of your skin and bacteria form and multiply there. If this process occurs deep underneath the skin, this is identified as Nodular Acne.

Hormones are normally at the heart of the root of Acne in teenagers because they so frequently get acne. Also, oily commodities on your skin may also bring about Nodular Acne or specific medications.

Symptoms of Nodular Acne

This type of acne is characterized by small protruding swellings that appear like knobs or lumps on any part of your body. Unlike a simple pimple or whitehead, nodules form a dense, dome-like lesion or nodule which may also appear irregular. This sore is swollen, red and normally affects not just the neighboring sections of one’s skin but further deeper layers. If left unchecked, nodular acne can result in the destruction of tissue and produce scars. At times, nodules may develop together with cysts. When this occurs, the state is called Nodulocystic acne. Generally, Nodular acne isn’t only pretty unsightly, but it may additionally be very painful.

Symptoms of Nodular Acne

What Treatment Options Are Available?

Oral Prescriptions

The easiest form of nodular acne treatment is an oral prescription which can be given to you by a doctor or dermatologist. Most commonly, Accutane is the recommended medication, although it comes with a few side effects such as, hair loss, fatigue, dry skin and a few more grave like thinner skin which is simple to bruise and gastrointestinal issues.

Today, it’s common to use prescription medicines lightly having the assumption that they’re given by a physician as they’re totally safe. However, Accutane and related oral prescriptions ought to be carefully thought about with the help of a skin expert because it’s quite powerful and comes with a few serious potential side effects.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels aren’t only alternatives for nodular acne remedy, but they’re commonly given at spas in a very leisurely fashion today. Treatment involves applying a chemical directly onto the skin which causes blistering across the skin surface. The blisters will start to peel off over a period of 2-3 days for most chemical peel processes, though there are some lighter treatments which peel off quicker.

At the time blisters peel off newer, younger skin replaces the older skin which before was on top. This can be effective for milder to moderate cases of acne, but a heavier chemical peel is required to really help relieve nodule type acne.

This is a process that will have to be continually performed in order to achieve long lasting results.

Injection Treatments

If you are experiencing just one or two nodule lesions, then a dermatologist or doctor may recommend injecting cortisone right into the nodules to kill off the bacteria and dry them out. This does have the risk of producing injuries deep in the skin, but that risk is always present with nodular acne.

This form of nodular acne treatment is not recommended for those with more severe cases that involve more than just a couple nodules at once. It is also not a long term solution for this form of acne.

Surgical Draining

Some doctors may be willing to make small cuts in your nodules and drain out the bacteria causing them to form, but you really should only accept this form of nodular acne treatment if you are desperate and have run out of all other options. This is a rather painful process which requires a long time to heal, so it should be a last-ditch effort for very severe cases of nodular acne only.

Home Remedies and Prevention

You may try a few home remedies and preventions for managing nodular acne. But, you ought to check with your physician before continuing with any of the below-explained methods.

Aloe Vera

This is the most ideal natural remedy in treating acne; Aloe Vera is loaded with nutrients that are quite beneficial to your skin. It promotes the healing process of your skin thereby striving against the acne efficiently.

Drink large amounts of water

Drinking at the very least twelve glasses of fresh water every day assists get rid of the toxins from our body helping in decreasing acne outbreaks.

Ginger Juice is Important

This may sound preposterous, however, it’s a perfect truth. Ginger possesses healing qualities and is anti-inflammatory. It can dramatically decrease the redness of acne and inflammation.

Exercise regularly

Exercise helps in flushing out the toxins in the body. The sweat discharged during exercises eliminates all the dangerous elements in the body thus fighting upon the very origin cause of acne.

Tea tree oil

This oil has antibacterial qualities. It can completely kill bacteria’s leading to acne such as p.acnes. This is a pretty effective method of battling against acne.

But, not all treatment strategies will be functional for everyone. Therefore, you must discover the treatment that would actually work for you.

Bottom Line

The key to getting completely clear skin that is entirely free of acne is to deal with these internal causes. If you want a nodular acne treatment that really works and truly cures your problems, look inside to achieve clear skin. The aforementioned nodular acne natural remedies are not miracle tips. They won’t cure acne overnight. They require patience and religious application on your part. In the long run, they are very effective ways of getting clear skin without any side effects.


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