How Can you Remove the Clear Aligners in the Best Possible Way?


The best treatment for traditional braces is clear aligners. However, the braces need a lot of care, and so do the clear aligners need. The clear aligners need special treated care so that they can function appropriately. Below are some facts about how can you find to give the best possible treatment to the aligners.

For How Much Time Should Wear the Aligners?

The removable clear aligners are best to wear for a long time so that your teeth will progress adequately. Also, wear the aligners according to the instructions given to you. Usually, the period is 22-24 hours a day. However, you can remove them during eating and drinking. If you are trying to avoid the confusion, then don’t worry because every aligner bag had a marking of the unique case number. The letter U is for the upper aligner and the letter L for the lower aligner. The number on the tray later follow these aligners.

How to wear Clear Aligners

How Can you Insert the Clear Aligners?

When you are inserting an aligner, gently push the aligners on the front teeth. Now you can apply equal pressure using the fingerprints. Move to the left and then to the right-back of the molars until the aligner gets fit in the right place. But be careful that you do not bite the aligners into the position.

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Perfect Ways to Remove the Aligners

If you want to remove the clear aligners, then perform the following activity: On one side of the mouth, take your fingertip inside of the back molar. It is to pull the back molar from your molars slowly. Repeat the process on the other side of the mouth, too, and it must be done before you have obliterated the aligner. Once your aligner gets disengaged from the molars on either side, then you must work your way in a forward direction very slowly. Now use your fingertips to annihilate the aligner tray.

Daily Care and the Oral Hygiene solution to the Clean Aligners

Clean up the aligners before you insert them again to your teeth. Now use a soft toothbrush with water and toothpaste. But make sure that you rinse off each aligner very quickly using water after cleaning.

Now remove the aligners before you eat or drink something. But that does not mean to remove them while drinking cold water. Now brush and floss away from your teeth after you had your meal or snacks before you will again insert the aligners. If you do not have aligners in the mouth, you should store them in a case. Always make sure that your children and pets do not reach them. To avoid distortion, you must keep aligners in the extreme temperatures.

Make sure to have proper dental checkups and aligner cleaning in the course of treatment. Let your orthodontist know that you are under appropriate treatment.

How to Change the aligners?

You must change the aligners as per instructions by Dr. Varun. It is good to change the aligner after having dinner because the trays are best effective in the first 10 hours. After dinner, you will keep them stable in your mouth.

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Soreness and Discomfort are Having Clear Aligners?

You will feel discomfort in the first few days of the treatment. It is precisely similar to the cheeks that you would require to adjust the braces. Your tongue will help you in improving the trays. Rinsing with warm salt and Tylenol is best to get rid of discomfort.

  • Tracking and Chewies

Your aligners need to fit well in your teeth to complete the treatment process as planned. In the beginning, you will get the chewies or the small cylinders; when you will first start the trays, then they might not get fit appropriately in the teeth. Biting on the chewies will help the aligner to provide at its best and close to your teeth. It will express the activation of each tray.

Use this chewie to place in between the bite and teeth. Bite down and hold it for 10 seconds before you release them. Proceed further from the end of the chewie to the other. Now keep on biting it and then press on the chewie until you bite all the teeth on the chewie. You can use these chewies for the first two days in the starting and then to each set of the new aligner trays.

  • Lost and the broken aligners

In an event is an aligner gets broken, then you should visit Best Dentist in Chennai very often. You can move on to the next tray, but you need to wear it for the additional days too. If your attachment comes out, then again contact the office and get your appointment scheduled so that you can replace it. Continue wearing the trays for the full time as possible you can. Please keep the previous three trays with you. If your tray is not working correctly, then you can call the office for an appointment.

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